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Hobby Ceramics Greenware

We offer Firing Services

At this time we are not producing any Ceramic Pieces; WE DO offer Firing Services Only


Homegrown Creations sells a Large Selection of  Greenware for you to purchase.  Our Greenware is produced from our own manufactured Earthenware Slip, made here in the U.S.A.  Our Greenware fires in a kiln to a clean, white bisque at a Temperature Cone 06 up to a Temperature Cone 02.  We also sell Paints and hobby ceramic supplies.  You may bring in your own greenware to have it fired for a firing service fee.   Visit our shop to see our selection.  Click here for our shop hours.

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At this time we are not producing any Ceramic Pieces; WE DO offer Firing Services Only

We offer Firing Services only; No greenware is available for purchase.

Purchases of our Greenware must be Picked Up at our shop.  You may place website orders for Greenware Cleaning Supplies or visit our shop.  You need to email us to make arrangement for greenware pickup.  Click here for shop hours.

We are not selling paint supplies.  What we have for sale is limited quantities; no restock of supplies once they're sold.

We sell supplies such as Paints:  Duncan Glazes and Stains and Sprays.  We sell Kimple Paints, Doc Holliday Paints, and Dona's Paints.  We sell Christmas tree accessories and supplies. We sell greenware cleaning supplies, and much more.  

You may Pick Up Greenware at our shop location of:  

805  E.  Center Street in Blanchester, Ohio (USA)

Blanchester, Ohio is located Northeast of Cincinnati, Ohio.  Cincinnati, Ohio is located in Southwestern Ohio at the Boarder Lines of both Indiana and Kentucky. 


To Place an Order just call or use our Order Form.  To place your order by telephone call our toll-free telephone number 1-866-478-7618  Or  Go to our Bisque Website at http://www.yourceramictouch.com and use the Order Form or Add to the Shopping Cart and then email the shopping cart for payment details.

To view the many items we sell in Greenware go out to our Hobby Ceramic Bisque website located at http://www.yourceramictouch.com for you to order and/or pickup Greenware.   


If you have questions, please contact us at info@homegrowncreations.com.

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